4th or Marshal Model

# 4th/Marshal Model – Common Characteristics

# 1st Variation – Key Features, Specific Properties of 2 Variations

# 2nd Variation – Key Features

# Pricing & Serial Number Ranges

# Centaure Medallions in the Grips



When the special order 4” barrel Pocket Army Model of 1962 without loading lever did not meet the expected sales during the early 1960s the Fabriques d’Armes de LiŹge (FAUL) management was not interested in another line extension of a Colt Army Model 1860 pattern percussion pistol with barrels shorter than 8”. That is until 1971 when Peter Harlos of exclusive German Centaure importer and dealer Bärbel Harlos talked them into the making of a 5,5” belly gun. This time a short loading lever was fitted to the pistol.

4th Model

Marshal Model - Common Characteristics



Barrel marking





cut for shoulder stock


high gloss polish/"in the white" stainless look


walking centaur




to protect these pistols from rust the surface is specially heat-treated. Only found in Europe.

The Marshal Model as it was named turned out to be an immediate success in the European markets. Currently we recognize 2 variations of the Marshal Model, namely the 1st variation with serial numbers without prefix and 3-screw and the 2nd variation with F-prefix serial numbers and 4-screw frame.


1st Variation

Marshal Model - Key Features


3-screw frame




serial number range of RNMAs

The Belgians manufactured their 1st variation of the Marshal Model between 1971 and 1973 in 2 sub-variations, details below.


1st Sub-Variation

Additional Specific Features of this 1st Variation Marshal Model

Front sight



3rd version


one small production run of this variant in 1971

Below #11337 is a typical example of the short lived 1st sub-variation from 1971. Less than 50 were made. So this variant could be considered an extended preproduction Marshal. It is easily identified by the bead type front sight. All other Marshal variants have the blade type front sight like the 7,5” and 8” barrelled New Model Armies (NMAs).

Marshal #11337 1st variation 1st sub-variation #11337 from 1971


2nd Sub-Variation

Additional Specific Features of this 1st Variation Marshal Model

Front sight



3rd & 4th version


regular production of this variant from 1971, see below #12067 and #12089

When that Marshal at the bottom was liberated a couple of years ago her front sight had gone missing. A smith fixed a new one. If you are interested to learn more about the more “recent history” of this pair of Marshals check the CONVERSION page and click on Centaure Long Cylinder Conversion!

Marshals #12089 (top) & #12067 (bottom) 1st variation, 2nd sub-variation

What is unusual about below Marshal #13402? No, it is not the varnished grips.

They are rare but not unusual. So what is it, pards & pardettes? The “white” head of the wedge screw? No, that is the job of some kitchen table gunsmith!

Take a closer look at the left side if the barrel lug. There your are … the proof house has stamped the caliber mark upside down, 1st picture left below!

There sure are some interesting Marshals out there: FROCS #44 Erik Fridjoffson discovered #13053 below in July 2009. This snubby looks like a common 1st variation 2nd sub-variation Marshal at first glance but has been personalized nicely. All proof& factory marks were removed and an “antique”, well used finish applied.

Personalized barrel marking of #13053 ADDRESS SAML COLT HARTFORT, CT. hardly visible

Grip panels are carved. But most unusual is the custom barrel marking ADDRESS SAML COLT HARTFORT, CT. What a nice custom job on this cute piece of pocket artillery, wouldn’d you agree?

Marshal #13053: custom carved grips

Are these short barrelled Marshals any good on the range?

You bet. Not bad if the shooter is doing his or her part, see target above! 13 rounds fired from #12098 off-hand at 25 m/26 yrds!


2nd Variation

Marshal Model - Key Features


4-screw, 4th screws almost flush with frame

Front sight



3rd version


"F" over serial number on barrel lug, other serial numbers without prefix.


made 1971, same serial number range as 2nd variation Cavalry Models, very rare

Only three specimens of the 2nd variation Marshal are currently known and documented in the survey: #F11280 (sold by Astrian dealer 2010), #F11282 (discovered in Germany) and #F11510 (found in Belgium).

Marshal #F11510 2nd variation reported from Belgium August 2009, no MADE IN BELGIUM on the butt


Pricing & Serial Number Ranges: back in 1972 Centaure importer and mail order gun dealer Bärbel Harlos of Schwäbisch Hall, Germany, would have charged you DM 337,50 for a Centaure Marshal.

Marshal - Serial Number Ranges

lowest serial number - year

highest serial number - year


1st variation




# 1st sub-variation

#  11298:                      1971

#   11342:                         1971


# 2nd sub-variation

#  11962:                      1972

#   14296:                         1973


2nd variation

#F11280:                      1971

#F11510:                          1971


De Luxe factory engraved

#  12680:                      1972

#  13654:                          1973







Centaure Medallions in the Grips: They were available as a special order option. Your friendly German dealer ordered your Marshal with this feature for you from FAUL’s back then.


FAQ: “Why did FAUL introduce a 4 screw variation of the Marshal Model?”

IMHO this is probably another attempt to use surplus stocks of 4 screw frames plus flat guidance screws. If you look at the serial numbers there is the F-prefix present and it is in the same range as the 2nd variation Cavalry Model. One could argue the case that this is a short barrelled Cavalry Model in high gloss white finish!


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