Book of Centaure

Everything we have learned about the 1860 New Model Army made by FAUL in the 1960’s and early 1970’s.

1.1 Close Encounters of a third Kind

“This ain’t no Colt Army replica you are shooting, pard, no naval scene on the cylinder. What kind of a pistol is it?” demanded Wolf from the shooter at the Hofheim Shooting range early in summer of 1974. After careful aiming and hitting another bulls eye he said, “Well, that’s a .44 caliber Centaure cap & ball revolver from Belgium, the most accurate and most expensive Colt Army clone money can buy.” Read More…

1.2 Shore Galleries – Where it All Began

Chicago in February can be pretty miserable but Lincolnwood, some 10 miles northwest of the downtown of the Windy City is the Mecca of Centaure aficionados the world over. That is if you can make an appointment with Mitchell Shore at Shore Galleries, 3318 W. Devon Ave, Lincolnwood, IL 60712 Read More

1.3 Naval Scene

One of the unknown facts regarding the Belgian made Centaure percussion revolvers relates to the naval scene on their cylinders. Notes Mitch Shore: “We did not like the scene the Belgians had on their Civilian which was kind of Ormsby style alright but lacked the background and depth! Therefore, these were not satisfactory for the U.S. market.” Read More…

1.4 The Motherload-Highlights

1.5 Colterization

1.6 With a Little Help

2.1 Major Characteristics

2.2 The Coppell Classification

2.3 Factory Markings

2.4 Liège Proof House Marks

2.5 Milestones and Serial Numbers

2.6 Total Production in Perspective

2.7 The Hanquets

2.8 The Missing Link

2.9 Production of the Centaures

2.10 Not Collectors Only

3.1 Introduction to the Models & Variations of the Centaures

3.2 RNMA

3.3 Civilian

3.4 Cavalry

3.5 Marshal

3.6 Pocket Army-Chapter

3.7 FROCS Special

4.1 Conflichting Issues

4.2 American Beauties

4.3 European Eye Candy

4.4 Pieces of Art from Liège

4.5 Exotic NMAs

4.6 Accessories of the Centaure

4.7 Gunsmithing

4.8 Italian Half Brothers

4.9 Centaures in the Movies

5.1 What we Gonna do now, Butch

5.2 Master of Conversions

5.3 The Making of the Centaure Thuer Conversion

5.4 The Making of the Centaure Richards-Mason Conversion

5.5 The Infamous Centaure Mystery Conversion

5.6 The Centaure Richards Transitional Conversion

5.7 A Bucket Full of Centaure Long Cylinder Conversions

5.8 Wolf on Conversions

5.9 Thoughts about Ammo

5.10 Reflections on Centaure Conversions and the Open Top

6.1 Centaures Glorious Shooting Irons and then Some

6.2 CAS-Tuning

6.3 Loading and Maintenance


6.5 FROCS Revisited

7.1 Bibliography and References

7.2 Helpful Background Information

7.3 FROCS Special-Check List

7.4.FROCS Special-Checkliste

7.5 Step-by-Step-Loading

7.6 Step-by-Step-Laden