4.6 Accessories of the Centaure

Chapter 4 – Fiction, Odds and Ends

4.6 Accessories of the Centaure


















Accessories of the Centaure

Display Cases

Display Cases – English Fit

Display Cases – French Fit

Powder Flasks

Cap Boxes

Bullet Molds

Bullet Molds – Steel

Bullet Molds – Brass

Oil Bottles and Vent Picks

Nipple Wrenches

Cleaning Kit

Original Cartons and Leaflets

Cartons from Germany

Cartons from the U.S.A.

U.S. Handling Instructions

U.S. Warranty Slip




Display Cases


Like Colt Firearms in Hartford, the maker of our favourite Belgian percussion revolver, Fabriques d’Armes Unies de Liège (F.A.U.L.), (particularly their main U.S. dealer Centennial Arms Corporation of Lincolnwood; but, other dealers and distributors in Europe and New Zealand as well) offered wooden display cases for the Centaures. Different grades seem to have been available including elaborate presentation cases like for two pistols or for Cavalry Models with shoulder stocks.

According to our survey data this cased option could be had for three of the five models of the New Model Army (NMA) except for the Marshal and the special-order Pocket Army. Although cased Marshals and Pocket Armies are recorded, their cases were originally for the 8” barreled brothers.

Original F.A.U.L. accessories (namely powder flasks, cap boxes, bullet moulds or nipple wrenches) could be had during the 1960s and into the 1970s. Today the cases with original accessories are rare and pricey finds. If you happen to spot one for sale today, there are often Italian accessories added.

Varying colors of the interior of the cases was noted including different shades of blue, green and red. The cases you find in the next chapters are taken from the picture collection of the data bank of the Centaure & FROCS website Cases were filled with both plain and engraved Centaures.

Display Cases – English Fit


Most cases recorded were made in English fit, many less in French fit. English fit implies partitions. The listing of the sets below is by model and serial number, starting with Regular New Model Armies (RNMAs).


D:\#1807 RNMA 1V 1SV XX USA\1-133582477.jpg Cased RNMA 3rd variation #1807 with Italian accessories spotted in the U.S.A.


D:\#2211 RNMA 2V 1SV XX USA\1-528_2.jpg Cased and custom engraved RNMA 2nd variation #2211 with F.A.U.L. made mould, original cap box, Italian flask discovered in the U.S.A.


D:\#6017 RNMA 1V 3SV UL FIN\1-IMG_0069.JPG Custom cased RNMA 1st variation #6017 with Italian accessories found in Finland


D:\#7425 RNMA 5V 1SV SLM F\1-P1030128.JPG Cased and custom engraved RNMA 5th variation #7425 with Italian flask, mould and cap box of unknown origin spotted in France


D:\#8645 RNMA 1V 3SV RS D\1-Centaure (1).jpg Cased RNMA 1st variation #8645 with Italian accessories unearthed in Germany


D:\#9960 RNMA 3V 2V DK USA\1-IMG_2252.jpg Custom cased RNMA 3rd variation #9960 with Italian accessories from in the U.S.A.


D:\#14164 RNMA 1V 2SV custom engraved XX C\1-IMG_0002-001.jpg Cased and custom engraved RNMA 5th variation #14164 with original accessories discovered in Germany


D:\#C320 Civilian 1V WB USA\1-2i8ukhy.jpg Custom cased Civilian 1st variation #C320 with Italian accessories from the U.S.A.


D:\#C782 Civilian 2V ZB USA\1-1860 NMA Case.JPG Cased Civilian 2nd variation #C782 with Italian accessories found in the U.S.A.


D:\#F220 Cavalry 1V 1SV KX USA\1-DSCI0059.JPG Rare custom cased Cavalry set 1st variation #F220 with accessories of unknown origin discovered in the U.S.A.