Non Centaure FAUL Pistols

FAUL made more than Centaures
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Non Centaure FAUL Pistols

Postby Cherokee » Sat Mar 26, 2016 3:36 pm

I just liberated an 1807 Harpers Ferry Flintlock, marked "Made in Belgium." Bought it from photos and do not actually have it in hand yet. It looks to be in very nice condition with really nice case colors. The barrel does have a few specks of rust on it. Interesting that the barrel appears to be "in the white." Does anyone know if that is normal for these pistols? This is my first Non-Centaure FAUL pistol and I am very excited to get my hand on it, and I plan to fire it eventually if it has already been fired. If it has not been fired then I will not fire it. Will have to find a flint but I think I remember seeing those on Navy Arms, Dixie Arms, and a few other catalogs. The pictures I saw of the pistol showed no serial number so I am wondering if these were numbered. The pics weren't the best so it could have a number on it that is not shown. I noticed that the barrel address says Chicago U.S.A. like the Centaures, which must be the way FAUL marked their pistols for Centennial Arms. The Italian brothers that I have seen are marked Chicago, ILL.

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Re: Non Centaure FAUL Pistols

Postby bandleader » Sat May 21, 2016 3:15 pm

Hi Cherokee. I own 1807 Harper's Ferry #R229. The number is behind the flash pan on the barrel. It is in the white, Mine reads "CENTENIAL trade mark" on the barrel along with the Belgian proof marks. It also has BELGIUM on the brass piece on the left side of the frame. Hope that helps.
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